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day-icon Everyday – 7 days a week  time-icon 2:30pm & 7:30pm  location-icon Whitechapel Art Gallery, Exit 3 Aldgate East

Why the Ripper-Vision Tour

  • The ONLY Jack the ripper tour to use Ripper vision, the latest hand held projectors.
  • The ONLY Jack the Ripper tour to investigate the murder sites in the order they happened.

The ONLY Jack the ripper tour to use:

  • The latest hand held projectors which emblazen large images apon the walls and streets.
  • The latest graphic images some of which have never been seen before.
  • Criminal profiling and geographical mapping used by the FBI and Scotland yard.
  • Crime scene images of the victims and evidence.
  • We use ONLY the best guides, dedicated ripperologists and enthusiasts to bring you the most informative tour around.
  • We are the ONLY Jack the ripper tour to finally reveal the face of the man the police of 1888 should have found!


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We will visit and investigate:

Osborne Street and the murder of Emma Smith

It was here on the 3 April 1888 that the Whitechapel murders first began. The brutal death of prostitute Emma Smith was a prelude to the emergence of Jack the ripper. Hear the gruesome facts of her murder and learn its importance.

Gunthorpe Street and the mourder of Martha Tabram

Today many ripper experts claim this site to be the first Jack the Ripper murder, the eerie cobbled stone lane way remains and you can instantly feel the sense of a bygone era, of gaslit streets, dark corners and quiet footsteps in the night, as Jack the Ripper lay in wait for his next victim. Martha Tabram was found on a staircase brutally murdered in a pool of blood. The death of this one woman began the Autumn of terror.

The frying pan pub and the murder of Mary Ann Nichols

31st August 1888, Mary Ann Nichols was last seen leaving this pub , drunk and in desperate need of money for a bed. Several hours later her mutilated corpse was found lying in a narrow road way. Learn about the manner of her death, the clues the doctors and the police missed and the horrific story that would unfold.

Hanbury Street and the murder of Annie Chapman

8th September 1888. John Davies stepped out into the back yard of number 27 Hanbury street and found the horrifically mutilated remains of Annie chapman. But what clues did the killer leave?… and what does it tell us about him?

The Ripper Letters

27th September 1888 and the name Jack the ripper was born. A series of penned letters arrived at the central news agency during the Autum of Terror, they continue to be heavily debated by experts to this day. One such letter was sent “From Hell” with half a human kidney….We will investigate and answer the question, are they hoaxes?…or are they the words of the killer himself?

Wilkes Street and Spitalfields

As we walk in the very footsteps of the ripper, prepare to be transported back in time as we take you into Wilkes street and its surrounding area. They remain practically untouched since those cold, gaslit nights of the 19th century, the surrounding buildings will conjur up images of a bygone age…a time of gaslight…a time of fear…a time of the Ripper.

The night of the double event and the murder of Elizabeth Stride

30th September 1888. Elizabeth Stride’s body was found in Dutfields yard off Berner street at 1am, her death was only the first in a night that would become known as the “Double event”. On this night the ripper was almost caught and his identity almost revealed. Find out how jack the ripper could have been caught so easily as we follow his blood trail and examine the clues.

Christ Church and the famous Ten Bells Pub

The corner of Commercial Street and Fournier Street holds some of the most iconic buildings in the ripper case. Perhaps the most famous pub in Ripper history. The Ten Bells. It is here that some if not all the victims drank, maybe even the Ripper himself… Across from the front door, a sight which would have greeted everyone Christ church. This famous landmark made famous by the movie “From Hell” stands in the very heart of the Ripper district.

Mitre Square and the murder of Catherine Eddowes

30th September 1888 became known as the double event when Jack the Ripper killed not once but twice in one night. We will Visit the original cobble-stoned square,we will investigate the evidence and show you how the ripper evaded capture. We will also follow his next move and we will walk the very route he would have taken. Hear all the gruesome facts in one of the rippers most violent crimes.

Goulston Street and the Rippers most important clue

Following the rippers footsteps on the night of the double event, we will cross back over to the Victorian east end where Jack the Ripper left perhaps one of the most important clues in the entire case…learn what was it?…and does it finally help solve the mystery?

Dorset Street and the murder of Mary Kelly

Jack the Ripper’s final victim was discovered in her small room at 13 Millers court on 9th Nov 1888. She was the most savagely mutilated victim of them all. Our tour will end at the murder site. We recreate the final moments of the rippers reign of terror. We reveal the official police photographs hidden for years in the files of Scotland yard and still, over a century later, shocks all who see it. In the words of her landlord, John McCarthy, “…it was more like the work of a devil than the work of a man…”.

The secret identity of Jack the Ripper Revealed

Finally at the end of our tour, the moment youve all been waiting for . Using modern criminal profiling, geographical mapping and pain staking research. We reveal the face of the man the police of 1888 should of been looking for. We reveal where he would have lived and why the police failed to catch him throughout the biggest man hunt in British history.