We use never before seen photographs of Jack the Rippers London, crime scenes and victims.

When choosing a Jack the Ripper tour, it’s important that your guide has the right tools of the trade. One of the most important tools is visual aids. Unfortunately most tours don’t use any and if they do its usally standard A4 badly photocopied sheets of paper, impossible to make out in a large crowd. With Ripper Vision you will be amazed with 4ft images emblazoned on the walls and streets for all to see, if a building is no longer there, fear not, we will simply place it back where it belongs. You will feel you are right back in the heart of Jack the Rippers London.

Ripper-Vision in action

The only tour to use Ripper-Vision™

We are the ONLY tour to use these latest hand held projectors. These images (some of which never seen before) will bring Victorian London back to life . If a building is no longer there, no worries we’ll simply put it right back in there so you can see it . We want you to be transported back to 1888, we want you to feel you are reliving the whole autumn of terror. Simply put we bring a new element to London walking tours. The first, the ONLY Jack the Ripper Tour to bring the past to life.


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We’ve done the research, we’ve combed the crime archives

Each of our guides is a dedicated Jack the ripper enthusiast. So when you walk with us you walk with the best. It’s this enduring dedicated research that has helped establish our tour as the leading Jack the Ripper Tour in London.