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BBC’s new mini-series, Ripper Street is finally underway after its production had been wrapped up months ago.

Ripper Street consists of an eight-part series all to be aired over the coming months on a Sunday evening in replace of the much-loved Downton Abbey, so it has some big shoes to fill. The program is set in Whitechapel in 1889, which was six months post Jack the Ripper murders.

The East End-based drama has already been met with mixed views and reviews because of the time and day that it is aired. The program is on a Sunday evening and takes up the 9 pm slot which has been questioned about its goriness for the time it’s on.

Nonetheless the program still has another six episodes, all with the same time slot so it must have been allowed past the censors. A program based around Jack the Ripper was never going to be a perfect family program, so it was likely to expect some gory material.

The plot of the series is in the eyes of the H Division who are responsible for policing part of the East End that is home to a population of around 67,000 people, majority of which are poor and dispossessed. The H Division are dealt with the chaos left by Jack the Ripper in Whitechapel after they had tried to find the murder but failed there had been more women murdered on the streets which gave the H Division the impression that perhaps Jack had returned.

The program was and still is predicted to be popular as there are number of people throughout Britain who are interested in the mysteries of Jack the Ripper and many that endure Jack the Ripper walks and tours. The Jack the Ripper tours give an accurate and untold insight into the history which is arguably much more realistic than the Ripper Street program.