The new 6-part series being shown by the BBC got underway over Christmas and the second episode aired on Sunday.

The first episode of Ripper Street hit our television screens on the 30th of December and has been firmly given a spot on BBC’s Sunday line-up. The BBC mini-series is set in Whitechapel in 1889, just six months after the famous Jack the Ripper murders.

The drama has been met with mixed reviews with some people claiming the first airing in December was decidedly unfestive. Sunday evening’s traditional cosy night is ransacked by the East End drama will a duo of gory episodes.

In all fairness, what were viewers to expect from a series based on Jack the Ripper and his murders. It really wasn’t going to be fluffy bunnies and brightly-coloured rainbows now was it?
If you haven’t enjoyed the past two episodes then perhaps it’s unlikely you will like the commencing four. For those of you that have enjoyed the previous, you’re in for pretty much the same, so stick with it.

Whether you do or do not like Ripper Street there is an alternative way to discover and learn about Jack the Ripper and that is by enduring on the Jack the Ripper Walk. This tour shares the same gruesome truths but means instead of being entertained by impresses camera-action and edits that you can enjoy the tour first-hand.
The Jack the Ripper Walks have technology that no other tour has and that is a hand held projector which indeed projects imagery, some of which has never been seen before, and make you feel like you are reliving the events that happened in 1888.

So, your Sunday nights don’t have to be spent sitting on the sofa watching a program that doesn’t do Jack the Ripper any justice and instead enjoying a much more realistic tour.