We could give you a whole bunch of reasons why you should join a Jack the Ripper tour with Rippervision this summer. There are a lot of reasons why we think our tour stands head and shoulders above the rest. But we thought that we should let you hear from some of the hundreds of people that have taken our tour and given us reviews.

The Jack the Ripper Tour with Rippervision is the top-ranked Ripper tour in London. In fact, it’s one of the top tours  (from Harry Potter to the Tower of London) available in London. It has consistently been given the highest possible ranking by Tripadvisor users.

Here’s why:

Forget what youve heard about other tours, this is the best jack the ripper tour in london by far. Where do i start ? The guide (Rocky) was fantastic, a real expert able to answer any questions, funny , witty , scary and kept us hooked from start to finish . The tour is gruesome, some of the photos of the vicitms are not for the weak stomached but very much important to the tale. The east end back streets and alleys are still creepy after all these years and you can get a real sense of a bygone era of poverty and crime. The ripper vision projector is a great little device which shows how streets looked then , also it shows the crime photos and vicitms. the tour lasts an hour and 45 mins starting at Aldgate east station exit 3 at 7.30pm and finishing by spitalfields market. There is the famous brick lane if you need food afterwards and tube stations close by. Word of warning, there are many ripper tours, i didnt try the others but i reckon this one would be very hard to beat. to find this one simply google RIPPER VISION. 10/10

~ Lyndsey J, UK

Top tour in London, had a fantastic time with top tour guiide Ricky who was not only informative but thoughly entertaining and funny. The story of the ripper is a horrific tale but a must for those who want to visit a part of london not often seen, some of the back streets and alleyways are really creepy and totally take you back in time to the late 1800’s. Ricky has large pictures of the crime scenes and actual autopsy photographs of the poor victims. He also has a clever device called ripper vision which is a projector that shows large images on the walls to show you how everything looked back in the day . This tour is not for the faint hearted but its a bloody good night out.

~ Victoria W, UK

There are several good Jack the Ripper tours, and we chose this one based upon others reviews. Our guide was enthusiastic and kept us entertained the entire walk. The handheld projector was a bonus, but I would recommend this one even if they didn’t have it. Fantastic!

~ cptdickey, USA

If you’re only visiting London for one night and have an interest in Jack the Ripper this a must do tour. Completely captivating from start to finish.

~ kim m, UK

We took this tour on a dreary, cold, and rainy evening and it was perfect considering the subject matter. Even with the hard-blowing wind and pouring rain, our guide, a young man who was passionate and enthusiastic about the subject, kept us engaged throughout the whole tour. I had read a pretty comprehensive book about Jack the Ripper, so I was familiar with much of the tour’s information. But actually walking through the streets and stopping at the locations where he committed the murders added an element you just can’t experience through books. And it enabled us to journey through parts of the city we wouldn’t have normally gone as tourists.

The Jack the Ripper story is one of life’s greatest mysteries, which will most likely never be solved. We really enjoyed this tour.

~ Seattle Rican, USA

Found yourself in the East End of London Town? Got a yearning for some learning? Fascinated by the grizzly side of human history? Then get yourself a place on The Jack the Ripper Tour With Ripper Vision.

Our tour guide looked the part and certainly knew his stuff. He described the murders in graphic detail, using words, illustrations and a tiny projection device known as Ripper Vision, to paint an insightful picture of the terrible events that unfolded in the Autumn of 1888.

Whether you’re a nerd for history or just looking for a fun night out, I can’t recommend this tour enough. A killer experience. 5/5.

~ Jack C, UK

My Son and I ventured into Whitechapel last Tuesday the 19th of April for the evening Tour, I have been interested in the mystery for nearly 40 years and would class myself as very knowledgeable and my son for about 18 months, so it was interesting to get both perspectives. Our guide was Greg who described the events of 1888 in a dramatic, informative and on ocassion humours way, his presentation skills and manor were excellant and although the tour lasted for over one and a half hours it passed very quickly. The walking is not strenuous at all as their are plenty of stops of interest. The Rippervision is an excellant idea and helps to bring the story to life. We would highly recommend the tour and will be doing it again, we are still speaking about it as our holiday highlight and not the famous landmarks.

~ Bruce C, UK

My family and i arrived for our first visit to london from hull. my eldest daughter and i are fans of murder mysteries and researched tours about jack the ripper before we set off on our trip. there are lots to choose from but the web site for this tour stood out, especially when we looked at some examples of ripper vision. our tour group was very large but the guide was amazing and waited for everyone before she spoke in a loud, clear voice. there were welcome pockets of humour but her knowledge of the dates and details of the murders was second to none and we all learned new facts about jack. the use of ripper vision brought it to life, especially in mitre square. over all a wonderful experience and a must trip for anyone interested in jack the ripper as well as those who know nothing but want to learn. excellent value for money.

~ Joanne C, UK

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