We have put together some thrilling facts to help you celebrate National Trivia Day, Friday 4th January.

• Jack the Ripper only killed female prostitutes, reports state that the murdered was either a woman scorned by her partners cheating, a man who got a sexual disease from a prostitute, a man whose ex-wife is now a prostitute or person wanting to eliminate prostitutes from society.

• Jack the Ripper slit the throats of all he killed and removed organs or other parts of their body.

• Originally Jack the Ripper was known as ‘The Whitechapel Murderer’, he was later named Jack the Ripper as this was the name that was used to sign of a letter to the police that was published in the newspaper.

• All of Jack the Rippers crimes took place in London’s East End, White Chapel.

• The crimes of Jack the Ripper took place between August and November 1888.

• Mary Jane Kelly was the only victim to be murdered indoors; all the others were murdered outside in the dark streets.

• Jack the Ripper allegedly sent half a human kidney through the post to the chairman of the local neighbourhood Vigilance committee.

These are just a few thrilling facts to wet your appetite, if you would like to know more then why not book yourself onto a Jack the Ripper Tour.